Brass Ensembles and Quintets

UPDATED: September 13, 2017

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Academy Brass Quintet (Toledo, OH)
Albion Brass Consort (England)
Allewind Brass (Germany)
Alloy Brass (Minneapolis, MN)
Ambient Brass (Houston, TX)
American Brass Quintet (New York)
Annapolis Brass Quintet (Retrospective Website)
Art of Brass Copenhagen (Copenhagen)
Armstrong Brass Quintet (Western Pennsylvania)
Asbury Brass Quintet (Chicago)
Atlantic Brass Quintet (Boston)
Axiom Brass (Chicago)
Backlund Ensemble (Kalamazoo, MI)
Bala Brass (Boston)
Bay Brass (San Francisco)
Bay Colony Brass Ensemble (New England)
Bay Street Brass Works (Indianapolis, IN)
Beltway Brass Quintet (Washington, D.C.)
Berlin Philharmonic Brass Ensemble (Berlin, Germany)
**Black Oak Brass (Tennessee)
Blue Hill Brass (Maine)
Boston Brass
Boulder Brass (Boulder, CO)
Bozen Brass (South Tyrol, Germany)
Brass 5 (Troutville, VA)
Brass Ensemble Per Sonare (Austria)
The Brass Roots (Pittsburgh, PA)
Brass Unlimited (Tacoma, WA)
Brethren Brass (New Carlisle, OH)
Bristol Brass Consort (Bristol, TN)
Burning River Brass (Cleveland, OH)
C Street Brass (Pittsburgh, PA)
Caliope Brass (New York City)
Canadian Brass (Canada)
Carolina Brass (North Carolina)
Celebration Brass Ensemble (United Kingdom)
Center City Brass Quintet (USA)
Champaign Brass (Champaign, IL)
Chicago Classic Brass (Chicago)
Chicago Gargoyle Brass and Organ Ensemble
Classic Brass (Minneapolis, MN)
Collective Brass (West Point, NY)
Columbus BrassWorks (Columbus, OH)
Constitution Brass Quintet (Vermont)
Copenhagen Brass (Copenhagen)
Copper Street Brass Quintet (Minneapolis, MN)
Dallas Brass (USA)
Das Rennquitt (Germany)
Denver Brass (Denver, Colorado)
Downeast Brass (Maine)
Dutchess Brass (Hudson Valley, NY)
El Paso Brass (El Paso, TX)
Empire Brass (Boston)
Gaudete Brass (Chicago)
German Brass (Germany)
Heritage Brass Quintet (Cleveland, OH)
Isthmus Brass (Madison, WI)
Mainstreet Brass (Pennsylvania)
Market Street Brass (Greensboro, NC)
Midtown Brass Quintet (Atlanta, GA)
Millennium Brass Quintet
Mirari Brass Quintet
Mnozil Brass (Austria)
Monumental Brass (Maryland)
Nautilus Brass Quintet (Boston, MA)
Ohio River Brass Quintet (Cincinnati, OH)
Old Dirty Brasstards (London, UK)
Perdido Brass (Pensacola, FL)
Philadelphia Brass
Pro Brass (Austria)
Redline Brass Quintet (Boston)
Red Star Brass (Chicago)
River Bottom Quartet (Pittsburgh, PA)
San Antonio Brass (San Antonio, TX)
St. Louis Brass (St. Louis, MO)
Septura (London, UK)
Stiletto Brass Quintet
Synergy Brass Quintet (Massachusetts)
Temporal Brass Quintet (Chicago)
Tim Zimmerman and the King’s Brass (Pennsylvania)
Triton Brass (Boston)
V3NTO Brass Trio (Chicago)
Valor Brass (Washington D.C.)
Zenith Brass (Troy, MI)

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