New York Philharmonic Launches Podcast


While quite a few symphony orchestras have podcasts that introduce the listener to upcoming performances, one orchestra now has a podcast that exclusively talks to their musicians. The Archives department from the New York Philharmonic has started a series that plans to talk with both current and former members of the orchestra. The first episode started with brass legend Philip Smith, former Principal Trumpet and now Professor of Trumpet at the University of Georgia.

What is unique about this podcast episode is the host Barbara Haws, the Orchestra’s Archivist and Historian, discusses with Smith various interpretations of various trumpet excerpts using historical recordings and scores from the Philharmonic’s library. According to their announcement, other musicians to be interviewed include Joseph Alessi, Principal Trombone of the Philharmonic. One would hope that other orchestras might follow suit on similar ways to engage the orchestra musicians and their history to this digital age.

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Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith is the Founder and Editor of Last Row Music. He studied music at both Grace College and Carnegie Mellon University. Currently, Jeremy is the bass trombonist for Orchestra Iowa and the Huntington Symphony Orchestra. Jeremy also gives online brass lessons to students across the country from his home in Centerburg, Ohio.