2016 Auditions


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Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra – Principal Trombone
Deadline: 11/1/16
Audition: 11/27/16
Website: https://ofo.no/en/stilling-ledig/solo-trombone-med-plikt-til-alt-trombone

Portuguese Symphony Orchestra – Bass Trombone
Deadline: 9/30/16
Audition: 12/12/16
Website: http://www.orquestrasinfonicaportuguesa.pt/en/auditions/auditions-for-bass-trombone-soloist-a/

Tonhalle-Orchester Zurich – 2/3 Trombone (Tenor with Bass obligations)
Deadline: 9/27/16
Audition: 11/25/16
Website: http://www.tonhalle-orchester.ch/en/about-us/vacancies/

Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra – Principal Trombone
Deadline: 10/14/16
Audition: 12/8/16
Website: https://tmso.or.jp/e/tmso/orchestra/audition_tb.php

Danish National Symphony Orchestra – Principal and Associate Principal Trombone (2 positions)
Deadline: 10/3/16
Audition: 11/11-14/16
Website: https://candidate.hr-manager.net/ApplicationInit.aspx?cid=1165&ProjectId=144208&MediaId=5

U.S. Army Blues – Jazz Trombone
Deadline: 9/19/16
Audition: 11/18/16
Website: http://www.usarmyband.com/vacancies/jazz-trombone-the-us-army-blues-1.html

Erie Philharmonic – Principal and Second Trombone (2 positions)
Deadline: 9/7/16
Audition: 9/21-22/16
Website: http://eriephil.org/auditions-1

Orchestre de la Suisse Romande – Second/Assistant Principal Trombone
Deadline: 9/4/16
Audition: 10/17-18/16
Website: https://www.osr.ch/emploi/concours

Scottish Ballet Orchestra – Second Trombone
Deadline: 8/12/16
Audition: 9/29/16
Website: https://www.scottishballet.co.uk/about-us/people/careers/third-horn-principal-and-second-trombone-sub-principal

U.S. Army Ceremonial Band – Trombone
Deadline: 8/17/16
Audition: 10/19/16
Website: http://www.usarmyband.com/vacancies/vacancy-trombone-the-us-army-ceremonial-band-2.html

NHK Symphony – Principal Trombone
Deadline: 9/1/16
Audition: 10/7/16
Website: http://www.nhkso.or.jp/en/about/audition/audition_trb16Oct_en.pdf

Lansing Symphony Orchestra – Second Trombone
Deadline: 8/26/16
Audition: 8/29/16
Website: http://www.lansingsymphony.org/AboutUs/Employment/tabid/122/Default.aspx

Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra – Principal Bass Trombone
Deadline: 8/19/16
Audition: 8/26-28/16
Website: http://brso.org/orchestra-auditions/

Staatskapelle Berlin – Bass Trombone
Resume Date: See Website
Audition Date: See Website
Website: http://www.staatsoper-berlin.de/en_EN/orchester#jobs-orchester

Odense Symphony Orchestra – Second Trombone (with obligation to First)
Deadline: 5/23/16
Audition: 6/13/16
Website: https://www.lastrowmusic.com/odense-trombone-audition.pdf

Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra – Tenor Trombone
Resume Date: 5/8/16
Audition Date: 6/7-8/16
Website: http://www.gso.se/en/vacancies/Lediga-tjanster

Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra – Principal and Second Trombone (2 positions)
Deadline: 4/25/16
Audition: 5/26/16
Website: http://www.fayettevillesymphony.org/auditions-and-employment/

Tacoma Symphony Orchestra – Bass Trombone
Deadline: 4/29/16
Audition: 5/15/16
Website: http://tacomasymphony.org/about/administration/audition-employment-opportunities

Orchestre National de France – Principal Trombone
Deadline: 4/18/16
Audition: 5/10-11/16
Website: http://maisondelaradio.fr/page/concours-de-recrutement-recrutement-auditions

Qatar Philharmonic – Alto and Bass Trombone (2 positions)
Deadline: 4/9/16 and 4/15/16
Audition: See Website
Website: http://www.muv.ac/en/vac/qatar-philharmonic-orchestra-trombone-2

U.S. Army Ceremonial Band – Trombone
Resume Date: 4/8/16
Audition Date: 6/13/16
Website: http://www.usarmyband.com/vacancies/vacancy—trombone—the-us-army-ceremonial-band-1.html

Hangzhou Philharmonic – Principal Trombone
Deadline: 3/29/16
Audition: See Website
Website: http://www.hzpo.org/en/jobs.php

Philharmonia Orchestra – Joint Principal Trombone
Deadline: 3/18/16
Audition: 5/1/16
Website: http://www.philharmonia.co.uk/vacancies

Hudson Valley Philharmonic – Bass Trombone
Resume Date: 3/29/16
Audition Date: 4/12/16
Website: https://www.lastrowmusic.com/hudson-valley-bass-trombone-audition

Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra – Principal Trombone
Resume Date: 3/10/16
Audition Date: 4/10/16
Website: http://www.capesymphony.org/cape-symphony-orchestra-employment.asp

Scottish Opera – Section Principal Trombone
Resume Date: 2/26/16
Audition Date: See Website
Email: amy.cutler@scottishopera.org.uk
Website: https://www.scottishopera.org.uk/jobs

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra – Co-Principal Trombone
Resume Date: 1/27/16
Audition Date: 3/6-7/16
Website: http://www.mso.com.au/about-us/employment/orchestral-vacancies/

The Halle Orchestra – Bass Trombone
Resume Date: 2/1/16
Audition Date: 3/7/16
Website: http://www.halle.co.uk/bass-trombone.aspx

Korean Symphony Orchestra – Principal Trombone
Resume Date: 1/11/16
Audition Date: 2/12/16
Website: https://www.lastrowmusic.com/korean-trombone-audition

Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra – Second Trombone
Resume Date: 12/18/15
Audition Date: 1/31-2/1/16
Website: https://www.lastrowmusic.com/yomiuri-trombone-audition.pdf

Tonhalle-Orchester Zurich – Wechsel (Tenor/Bass Position)
Resume Date: 12/15/15
Audition Date: 2/12/16
Website: http://www.muv.ac/en/vac/tonhalle-orchester-zuerich-posaune

Audition Results

Fox Valley Orchestra – Second Trombone and Bass Trombone (2 positions) Winner: Karen Mari (Second)
Deadline: See Website
Audition: 6/12/16
Website: http://www.foxvalleyorchestra.org/auditions.php

Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra – Bass Trombone Winner: Andreas Schiffler
Deadline: 5/26/16
Audition: 6/22/16
Website: http://www.nuernbergersymphoniker.de/orchester/freie-stellen.html

Hamburg State Philharmonic Orchestra – Bass Trombone Winner: Jonas Burow
Resume Date: Provisional
Audition Date: 1/13/16
Website: http://staatsorchester-hamburg.de/orchester/jobs.php

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra – Bass Trombone Winner: Ilan Morgenstern
Deadline: 11/14/16
Audition: 12/4/16
Website: https://www.lastrowmusic.com/vancouver-bass-trombone.pdf

United States Air Force Band of the West – Trombone Winner: Jeriad Wood
Resume Date: 8/22/16
Audition Date: 10/4/16
Website: http://www.bandofthewest.af.mil/careers/index.asp

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra – Principal Trombone Winner: Brian Wendel
Deadline: 10/24/16
Audition: 11/13/16
Website: https://www.lastrowmusic.com/vancouver-principal-trombone.pdf

Mid-Texas Symphony – Second and Bass Trombone (2 Positions) Winner: Mike Steiger (Second) and Paul Garza (Bass)
Audition: 9/2/16
Email: mtspersonnel@gmail.com

U.S. Navy Concert/Ceremonial Band – Trombone Winner: Steven Holloway
Deadline: 10/14/16
Audition: 11/4/16
Website: http://www.navyband.navy.mil/auditions.html

Vienna Symphony Orchestra – Assistant Principal (w/obligatory Second Trombone) Winner: Martin Reiner
Resume Date: 1/11/16
Audition Date: 2/22/16
Audition: http://www.wienersymphoniker.at/vacancies

Lincoln Symphony Orchestra – Principal Trombone Winner: Scott Anderson
Deadline: 9/2/16
Audition: 9/14/16
Website: http://lincolnsymphony.org/lso-announces-auditions-for-2016-17-season/

The Gainesville Orchestra – Principal Trombone Winner: Andrew Nissen
Deadline: See Website
Audition: 9/24/16
Website: http://www.gainesvilleorchestra.com/about/auditions

Ocala Symphony Orchestra – Principal Trombone Winner: Andrew Nissen
Deadline: 9/19/16
Audition: 9/26/16
Website: http://www.ocalasymphony.com/#!auditions/c1gfb

New Haven Symphony Orchestra – Bass Trombone Winner: Jeff Arredondo
Deadline: 8/25/16
Audition: 9/16-10/1/16
Website: http://www.newhavensymphony.org/join-our-team/audition-information/

Huntsville Symphony Orchestra – Bass Trombone Winner: Christopher Brown
Deadline: 8/17/16
Audition: 9/18/16
Website: http://www.hso.org/about/employment-and-auditions/

Louisville Orchestra – Bass Trombone UPDATE: J. Bryan Heath and Cameron Smith offered trial periods
Deadline: 8/22/16
Audition: 9/11-14/16
Website: https://louisvilleorchestra.org/about/auditions/

Battle Creek Symphony – Principal Trombone Winner: Leland Matsumura
Audition: 9/7/16
Website: http://www.yourmusiccenter.org/symphony/auditions.php

Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra – Bass Trombone Winner: Matthew Winter
Deadline: 4/20/16
Audition: 5/23-24/16
Website: https://www.lastrowmusic.com/finnish-radio-bass-trombone-audition.pdf

United States Air Force Concert Band – Trombone Winner: James Layfield
Resume Date: 4/1/16
Audition Date: 6/20/16
Website: http://www.usafband.af.mil/aboutus/careers/index.asp

Las Vegas Philharmonic – Second Trombone Winner: Tyler Vahldick
Deadline: 4/1/16
Audition: 5/16/16
Website: http://www.lvphil.org/

Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra – Wechsel (Tenor/Bass Position) Winner: Lukas Gassner
Resume Date: Open
Audition Date: Open until Filled
Website: http://www.muv.ac/en/vac/symphonieorchester-des-bayerischen-rundfunks-posaune-2

San Antonio Symphony Orchestra – Principal Trombone Winner: Steven Peterson
Deadline: 4/2/16
Audition: 5/30-31/16
Website: http://www.sasymphony.org/auditions

Maryland Symphony Orchestra – Bass Trombone Winner: Kaz Kruszewski
Deadline: 5/10/16
Audition: 5/31/16
Website: http://www.marylandsymphony.org/auditions

Oregon Symphony Orchestra – Principal Trombone No Winner Selected
Resume Date: 4/4/16
Audition Date: 5/15-17/16
Website: https://www.orsymphony.org/orchestra/auditions.aspx

Vienna Philharmonic/State Opera Orchestra – Trombone No Winner Selected
Resume Date: 12/9/15
Audition Date: 1/13/16
Email: See Website
Website: https://www.lastrowmusic.com/vienna-trombone-audition

Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra – Principal Trombone No Winner Selected
Deadline: See Website
Audition: 5/18/16
Website: http://www.hr-online.de/website/rubriken/hrsinfonieorchester/index.jsp?rubrik=35542

West Michigan Symphony – Bass Trombone Winner: Evan Clifton
Deadline: 5/3/16
Audition: 5/3, 9, 16-18/16
Website: http://westmichigansymphony.org/the-wms/audition-information/

Des Moines Symphony – Principal Trombone Winner: Casey Maday (currently Second Trombone). Second Trombone was offered to runner-up Bill Mann.
Deadline: 5/6/16
Audition: 5/23/16
Website: http://dmsymphony.org/about/auditions-jobs/

“The President’s Own” United States Marine Band – Trombone Winner: Russell Sharp
Deadline: 5/22/16
Audition: 5/23-24/16
Website: http://www.marineband.marines.mil/CareerInformation.aspx

Symphony Orchestra Augusta – Principal Trombone Winner: James Kent
Deadline: 4/11/16
Audition: 5/11/16
Website: http://soaugusta.org/project/auditions/

Houston Grand Opera – Bass Trombone Winner: Kyle Gordon
Deadline: See Website
Audition: 5/12/16
Website: http://www.houstongrandopera.org/abouthgo/employment-auditions

Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra – Principal Trombone Winner: John Romero
Resume Date: 3/23/16
Audition Date: 5/9-10/16
Website: http://www.fwsymphony.org/about/employment/

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra – Bass Trombone No Winner Selected in National Audition
Deadline: 4/11/16
Audition: 4/17/16
Website: https://www.lastrowmusic.com/vancouver-bass-audition.pdf

Midland-Odessa Symphony Orchestra – Principal Trombone Winner: Jacob Muzquiz
Deadline: 4/22/16
Audition: 5/9/16
Website: http://www.mosc.org/musicians/orchestra/auditions.html

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra – Bass Trombone Winner: Jeff Dee
Resume Date: 1/7/16
Audition Date: 2/15-16/16 and April 2016
Website: http://www.pittsburghsymphony.org/auditions

New Mexico Philharmonic – Principal Trombone (One-Year Temporary) Winner: Amanda Hudson
Resume Date: 4/1/16
Audition Date: 4/18-19/16
Website: http://nmphil.org/music-in-new-mexico/auditions-and-employment-opportunities/

U.S. Air Force Academy Band – Trombone (Classical/Commercial) Winner: Joseph Hudson
Resume Date: 2/19/16
Audition Date: 4/8/16
Email: usafabandauditions@gmail.com
Website: https://www.lastrowmusic.com/usafa-trombone-2016-audition

Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra – Bass Trombone Winner: Riley Giampaolo
Resume Date: 12/11/15
Audition Date: 2/28-3/1/16
Website: https://www.indianapolissymphony.org/about/employment

Dallas Symphony Orchestra – Principal Trombone Winner: Barry Hearn
Resume Date: 12/1/15
Audition Date: 1/11/16; 1/25/16; 2/8/16
Website: https://www.mydso.com/about-us/careers.aspx