Bass Trombone Artists

UPDATED: July 19, 2017

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Alan Carr, Bates College
Anthony Triplett, Philadelphia freelancer
Ben Van Dijk, Rotterdam Philharmonic
Brandt Attema, Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra
Brian Hecht, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Charles Vernon, Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Christopher Brown, Northwest Florida Symphony Orchestra
Christopher Davis – Northwestern University and Wheaton College
Dan Dunford, New York City freelancer
David Krosschell, Seattle-based Bass Trombonist
David Taylor, New York City-based Bass Trombonist
Denson Paul Pollard, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
Douglas Yeo, former Bass Trombone, Boston Symphony Orchestra
**Eric Henson, Symphony Augusta
Erik Shinn, University of Florida
Evan Conroy, Louisiana Philharmonic
Felix Del Tredici – New York City-based Bass Trombonist
Frank Gulino, Washington D.C. area Bass Trombonist
Geert De Vos, Belgian National Opera “La Monnaie”
George Curran, New York Philharmonic
Gerry Pagano, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
Javier Colomer, Orquesta Sinfónica Ciudad de Elche
John Rojak, American Brass Quintet
Joshua Brown, Dallas Area freelancer
Justin Clark, Berne Symphony Orchestra
Ilan Mogenstern, San Antonio Symphony and Houston Grand Opera
Mark Fry, Elgin, Lake Forest SO, and Chicago Philharmonic
Matt Jefferson, Maniacal 4
Matthew Guilford, National Symphony Orchestra
Mike Dobranski – Seattle-based Bass Trombonist
Nick Sullivan, Canada-based Bass Trombonist
Randy Hawes, Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Rudi Hoehn, Santa Barbara Symphony Orchestra
Sebastian Bell, Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra
Stefan Schulz, Berlin Philharmonic
Sun He, Beijing, China
Terry Mizesko, North Carolina Symphony
Torbjörn Lundberg, Gävle Symphony Orchestra
Will Baker, Orchestra Iowa and The Des Moines Symphony
Zachary Bond, Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

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