Tenor Trombone Artists

UPDATED: July 19, 2017

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Abbie Conant, International Soloist
Achilles Liarmakopoulos, Canadian Brass
Adam Janssen, Pittsburgh based trombonist
Alain Trudel, Canadian Trombonist and Conductor
Amanda Stewart, St. Louis Symphony
Andrew Reich, USAF Heritage of America Band
Barry Mosley, Valve Trombone
Brad Howland, Victoria Symphony Orchestra
Brett Baker, Black Dyke Mills Band
Brian Santero, New York City Ballet
Bryan Bourne, retired, “The President’s Own” United States Marine Band
Chris Clark, “The President’s Own” United States Marine Band
Christian Lindberg, International Soloist
Craig Mulcahy, National Symphony Orchestra
Cristian Ganicenco, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
Dale Sorensen, Canadian Trombonist
Daniele Morandini, Teatro alla Scalla
David Bruchez-Lalli, Tonalle Orchestra Zurich
David Gonzalez, USAF Band of Mid-America
David Finlayson, New York Philharmonic
**Dunwoody Mirvil, Tallahassee freelancer
Gordon Wolfe, Toronto Symphony Orchestra
Haim Avitsur, International Soloist
Jay Friedman, Chicago Symphony Orchestra
James Miller, Los Angeles Philharmonic
James Nova, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Jessica D. Butler, Lexington, Kentucky freelancer
John Grodrian, Midwest freelancer
John Romero, Ft. Worth Symphony Orchestra
John Sipher, Richmond (VA) Symphony Orchestra
Jonathan Randazzo, North Carolina Symphony Orchestra
Jörgen Van Rijen, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam
Joseph Alessi, New York Philharmonic
Joshua Bledsoe, Missouri Symphony
Justin Moore, Philadelphia freelancer
Karen Mari, Chicago Freelancer
Katie Thigpen, Washington D.C., freelancer
Ko-ichiro Yamamoto, Seattle Symphony Orchestra
Mark Lawrence, retired, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra
Massimo La Rosa, Cleveland Orchestra
Matthew Gee, Royal Philharmonic
Matthew Vaughn, Philadelphia Orchestra
Michael Powell, American Brass Quintet
Milton Stevens, former, National Symphony Orchestra
Nathan Zgonc, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Nick Laufer, Maniacal 4
Norman Bolter, retired, Boston Symphony Orchestra
Peter Bassano, former, Philharmonia Orchestra
Peter Steiner, International Soloist
Ronald Barron, retired, Boston Symphony Orchestra
Ross Holcombe, Spokane Symphony Orchestra
Ryan Miller, Richmond (IN) Symphony Orchestra
Sam Blakeslee, Cleveland based freelancer
Scott Shelsta, “The World’s Oldest Musician”
Sean Reusch, California freelancer
Sebastiaan Kemner, New Trombone Collective
Stephen Lange, Boston Symphony Orchestra
Tim Smith, Buffalo Philharmonic
Timothy Higgins, San Francisco Symphony
Toby Oft, Boston Symphony Orchestra
Tom Burge, Charlotte Symphony Orchestra
Wes Lebo, Memphis Symphony Orchestra
Weston Sprott, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
Will Scharen, Wyoming Symphony Orchestra
Will Timmons, United States Air Force Ceremonial Brass
Zoltan Kiss, Mnozil Brass

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