Tuesdays on the Tube: Dominick Farinacci

The Newport Jazz Festival starts up next weekend (August 4-6), and while the festival features many prominent artists, other rising artists will also be highlighted. One such musician is Dominick Farinacci, a Cleveland native now residing in New York City. Farinacci was selected to be in the inaugural class of Juilliard’s Jazz Studies Program and graduated in 2005. Eventually, Wynton Marsalis gave him the title of Global Ambassador to Jazz at Lincoln Center due to his integration of jazz in the community.  Farinacci released his most recent album, Short Stories, in 2016. He has also been a part of the Modern Warrior project, an autobiographical music drama that tells the story of a soldier and his fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Below is his rendition of the song “Bamboleo” written by The Gypsy Kings.

Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith is the Founder and Editor of Last Row Music. He studied music at both Grace College and Carnegie Mellon University. Currently, Jeremy is the bass trombonist for Orchestra Iowa and the Huntington Symphony Orchestra. Jeremy also gives online brass lessons to students across the country from his home in Centerburg, Ohio.