Tuesdays on the Tube: Tony Terran on Trumpet

If you ever were a fan of the classic TV shows from the 1950s, chances are you heard the sound of Tony Terran on trumpet. Terran became famous through his stint with the Desi Arnaz Orchestra (featured numerous times on the ‘I Love Lucy’ show) as the lead trumpeter in the band. Word was received that Tony passed away on March 20th at the age of 90. He was the last surviving member of Desi’s Orchestra.

Below if video of Tony Terran soloing with the Benny Goodman Orchestra in 1980 on the swing classic Sing, Sing, Sing.

Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith is the Founder and Editor of Last Row Music. He studied music at both Grace College and Carnegie Mellon University. Currently, Jeremy is the bass trombonist for Orchestra Iowa and the Huntington Symphony Orchestra. Jeremy also gives online brass lessons to students across the country from his home in Centerburg, Ohio.