Brass Music by Black Composers and Artists

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Composer/ArtistTitleInstrumentationPurchase LinkRecording LinkDate Added
Joel CollierSong Without Words (2020)Cornet, PianoBuy NowListen Now2/6/23
Kevin DayEnigma (2021)Cornet, Flugelhorn, PianoBuy NowListen Now2/6/23
Shawn E. OkpebholoWunlit (2020)HornBuy NowListen Now2/6/23
Dwight BanksQuadrilateral Equation (2021)Trumpet (4)Not PublishedInformation Needed10/28/22
Shanyse StricklandA "B.O.P"- Beats of Power! (2021)Trombone, Horn, TrumpetBuy NowListen Now7/31/22
T.J. AndersonVariations on a Theme by M. B. Tolson (1969)Trumpet, Trombone, Mezzo-soprano, Alto Saxophone, Violin, Cello, PianoInformation NeededInformation Needed6/21/22
T.J. AndersonTrio Concertante (1960)Trumpet, Trombone, Clarinet, BandInformation NeededInformation Needed6/21/22
T.J. AndersonPersonals (1966)Horn (2), Trumpet (2), Trombone, Tuba, Choir, NarratorBuy NowInformation Needed6/21/22
T.J. AndersonInaugural Piece (1982)Trumpet (3), Trombone (3)Buy NowInformation Needed6/21/22
T.J. AndersonRe-Creation (1978)Trumpet, Narrator (3), Dancer, Violin, Cello, Alto Saxophone, Piano, DrumsBuy NowInformation Needed6/21/22
T.J. AndersonTransitions (1971)Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Violin, Viola, Cello, PianoBuy NowInformation Needed6/21/22
T.J. AndersonDevonte (2019)Euphonium, Tuba, NarratorBuy NowInformation Needed6/21/22
T.J. AndersonGeorgian Ragas (2009)Trumpet, Alto SaxophoneBuy NowInformation Needed6/21/22
T.J. AndersonFanfare (1976)Trumpet, Mini-Bands (4)Information NeededInformation Needed6/21/22
T.J. AndersonBeyond Silence (1973)Trombone, Tenor Voice, Clarinet, Viola, Cello, PianoBuy NowListen Now6/21/22
H. Leslie AdamsAdagioHorn, PianoInformation NeededInformation Needed6/21/22
Adolphus Cunningham HailstorkMonuments (2022)Trombone, StringsInformation NeededInformation Needed4/26/22
David WilbornJett Stream Blue (2020)Trombone, PianoBuy NowListen Now3/18/22
David WilbornElysian Fields (2021)Trombone QuartetBuy NowListen Now3/18/22
Chanell CrichlowI Can't Help Myself (2021)Tuba Euphonium QuartetBuy NowListen Now3/4/22
Chanell CrichlowI Can't Help Myself (2021)Horn QuartetBuy NowListen Now3/4/22
Chanell CrichlowMama D'LeauHorn, Trumpet, Trombone (2), Tuba, Drum SetBuy NowInformation Needed3/4/22
Jasmine PigottThe Imposters (2021)TubaBuy NowWatch Now2/13/22
J. Rosamond Johnson, arr. Jasmine PigottLift Everyone Voice and Sing (2020)Tuba Euphonium EnsembleBuy NowWatch Now2/13/22
Robert Nathaniel Dett, arr. Jasmine PigottIn The Bottoms (2021)Tuba Euphonium EnsembleBuy NowWatch Now2/13/22
Jasmine PigottAgainst All Odds (2021)Brass Ensemble: Trumpet (3), Horn (4), Trombone (2), Bass Trombone, Euphonium, TubaBuy NowWatch Now2/13/22
Florence Price, arr. Jasmine PigottAdoration (2020)Tuba Euphonium QuartetBuy NowWatch Now2/13/22
Duke Ellington, arr. Kenneth AmisBoy Meets HornBrass QuintetBuy NowListen Now1/17/2022
Alton Augustus Adams, arr. Stanley CurtisThe Spirit of the U.S.N.Brass QuartetInformation NeededWatch Now1/10/2022
Michael AbelsAmerican Variations on Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (1993)Trumpet, OrchestraBuy NowInformation Needed1/10/2022
Errollyn WallenNNENNA (2018)Horn, Clarinet, Bassoon, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double BassInformation NeededWatch Now1/3/2022
Errollyn WallenAt the Ending of a Year (2005)Horn (2), PianoBuy NowInformation Needed1/3/2022
Errollyn WallenMondrian (1992)Horn, Trumpet, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet/Sax, Bassoon, Piano, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello, Double BassInformation NeededInformation Needed1/3/2022
Errollyn WallenI Hate Waiting (1991)Trumpet, Voice, Clarinet, Sax, Piano, Electric Bass/Double Bass, Percussion, TapeInformation NeededInformation Needed1/3/2022
Errollyn WallenGold Saturday (2004)Brass BandBuy NowInformation Needed1/3/2022
Errollyn WallenChrome (1997)Brass BandInformation NeededWatch Now1/3/2022
Quinn MasonDoor County Concerto (2021)Clarinet, Horn, StringsBuy NowWatch Now9/6/2021
Michael R. AdamsTwo Pieces for Brass (1993)Brass QuintetInformation NeededInformation Needed7/26/2021
Michael R. AdamsSteps of an Angel (1993)Brass QuintetInformation NeededInformation Needed7/26/2021
Michael R. AdamsBrass Rag (1993)Brass QuintetInformation NeededInformation Needed7/26/2021
Alton Augustus Adams, arr. Stan CurtisThe Governor's Own MarchBrass QuartetInformation NeededWatch Now7/26/2021
Adam FiberesimaMusic for Brass BandBrass BandInformation NeededInformation Needed7/12/2021
Adam FiberesimaConcerto No. 2Trumpet, OrchestraInformation NeededInformation Needed7/12/2021
Adam FiberesimaConcerto No. 1Trumpet, OrchestraInformation NeededInformation Needed7/12/2021
Akin EubaQuintetHorn, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, BassoonInformation NeededInformation Needed7/12/2021
Akin EubaMusicHorn, Violin, Piano, PercussionInformation NeededInformation Needed7/12/2021
Halim El-DabhOctetTrumpet (2), Horn, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Percussion (2)Information NeededInformation Needed7/12/2021
Shawn E. OkpebholoConcerto for Euphonium and Orchestra (2007)Euphonium, Piano (or Orchestra)Buy NowInformation Needed6/20/2021
Shawn E. OkpebholoDialogue (2014)Tuba, BandBuy NowInformation Needed6/20/2021
Shawn E. OkpebholoExcursions (2010)Trombone, PianoContact ComposerWatch Now6/20/2021
Shawn E. OkpebholoThree Psalmic Meditations (2019)Alto Trombone, Soprano, PianoContact ComposerInformation Needed6/20/2021
Quinn MasonSonata 'Darkplace' (2019)
Tuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now6/2/2021
George Walker, arr. Jarrett McCourtLamentTuba, PianoBuy NowInformation Needed5/27/2021
Anthony BarfieldSoliloquy (2008)Solo Trombone w/ Trombone QuartetBuy NowWatch Now5/11/2021
Anthony BarfieldDreamcatcher (2015)Trombone EnsembleBuy NowWatch Now5/11/2021
Anthony BarfieldHeritage (2014)Euphonium, Wind BandBuy NowWatch Now5/11/2021
Anthony BarfieldHere We Rest (2011)Trombone EnsembleBuy NowWatch Now5/11/2021
Anthony BarfieldRed Sky (2018)Trombone, PianoBuy NowListen Now5/11/2021
Bill BanfieldPeople Stories (2000)Brass EnsembleInformation NeededInformation Needed5/9/2021
Bill BanfieldWe Think Therefore We Are (2000)Brass EnsembleInformation NeededInformation Needed5/9/2021
Bill BanfieldReflections On William Grant Still's Deserted Plantation (1994)Brass QuintetInformation NeededInformation Needed5/9/2021
Bill BanfieldMoods and Colors (1991)Trombone, OrchestraInformation NeededInformation Needed5/9/2021
Bill BanfieldDelancey Street Tuba Concerto (1994)Tuba, OrchestraInformation NeededListen Now5/9/2021
Bill BanfieldConcerto No. 3 - Suite for RichardTrumpet, PianoInformation NeededInformation Needed5/9/2021
Anthony M. KelleyHompet (1993-94)Horn, TrumpetInformation NeededInformation Needed5/9/2021
Kevin ScottSonata (1988)
Horn, TubaNeed InformationInformation Needed5/9/2021
Kevin ScottManhattan Divertissment (1979)
Horn, Oboe, ClarinetInformation NeededInformation Needed5/9/2021
Kevin ScottA Sinister Sounding (In Remembrance Bernard Herrmann) (2014)Brass QuintetInformation NeededInformation Needed5/9/2021
Kevin ScottFanfare to “Hell’s Angels” (2009)Brass Ensemble, PercussionInformation NeededInformation Needed5/9/2021
Kevin ScottThree Fanfares from “King Lear” (1975/2019)Brass Ensemble, PercussionInformation NeededInformation Needed5/9/2021
Kevin ScottTubaMeister: Twelve Virtuoso Etudes for Solo Tuba (1991)TubaInformation NeededInformation Needed5/9/2021
Michael E. WoodsVor TechsTromboneInformation NeededInformation Needed5/9/2021
Quinn MasonSuite for Trombone Choir (2017)Trombone EnsembleBuy NowListen Now3/21/2021
David WilbornConcertino for Trombone Trombone, PianoBuy NowWatch Now1/31/2021
David WilbornSpring Cassation (2020)Euphonium, PianoBuy Now1/31/2021
David WilbornFantasy for Trumpet (2004)Solo Trumpet, Trumpet SextetBuy NowWatch Now1/31/2021
David WilbornEscapades (2004)Brass QuintetBuy NowWatch Now1/31/2021
Regina Harris BaiocchiNilisikia Sauti Kubwa (I Heard A Voice) (2015)Voice, Trumpet, Percussion, PianoContact Composer1/31/2021
Regina Harris BaiocchiWild Onion Suite (2018)Voice, Flute, Violin, Trombone, Harpsichord, PercussionContact Composer1/31/2021
Regina Harris BaiocchiFriday Night (1995)Voice, Trumpet, Alto Sax, RhythmContact Composer1/31/2021
Regina Harris BaiocchiQFX (1993)Brass QuintetContact Composer1/31/2021
Regina Harris BaiocchiMiles Per Hour (1990)TrumpetContact ComposerWatch Now1/31/2021
Quinn MasonFanfare for 4 Trombones (2012)Trombone EnsembleBuy NowListen Now12/15/2020
John Elwood PriceSonata No. 2 (1974-1975)Tuba, PianoInformation NeededInformation Needed12/15/2020
John Elwood PriceFanfayre (1974)Trumpet (5)Information NeededInformation Needed12/15/2020
John Elwood PriceTrio (1968)Clarinet, Horn, TubaInformation NeededInformation Needed12/15/2020
John Elwood PriceSonata (1968)Trombone, PianoInformation NeededInformation Needed12/15/2020
John Elwood PriceLament (1967)Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion, DancersInformation NeededInformation Needed12/15/2020
John Elwood PriceQuartet (1962)Violin, Viola, Horn, TromboneInformation NeededInformation Needed12/15/2020
John Elwood PriceDuet (1959)Horn, TromboneInformation NeededInformation Needed12/15/2020
John Elwood PriceSonata (1956)Tuba, PianoInformation NeededInformation Needed12/15/2020
John Elwood PriceHymn and Deviation (1956)Brass QuartetInformation NeededInformation Needed12/15/2020
John Elwood PriceFanfare and March (1954)Trumpet (3), OrganInformation NeededInformation Needed12/15/2020
John Elwood PriceMeditation and Change of Thought (1954)Brass QuartetInformation NeededInformation Needed12/15/2020
John Elwood PriceFive Pieces (1972)TubaInformation NeededInformation Needed12/15/2020
Zenobia Powell PerryPrelude (undated)Horn, PianoSee This Website12/2/2020
Zenobia Powell PerryElegy for Brass Quintet (1980)Brass QuintetSee This Website12/2/2020
Zenobia Powell PerryNight in Tawawa (1963)Trumpet, PianoSee This Website12/2/2020
Zenobia Powell PerryLatino Rhythms (1959)Trumpet (2), PianoSee This Website12/2/2020
Zenobia Powell PerryEpisodes I and II for Horn (1983)Horn, PianoSee This Website12/1/2020
Richard Deming McCreary, Jr.Piece for Solo TromboneTromboneInformation Needed12/1/2020
T.J. AndersonMinstrel Man (1978)Bass Trombone, Percussion (One Player)Buy NowListen Now12/1/2020
Noel Da CostaStreet Calls (1970)TromboneInformation Needed12/1/2020
Noel Da CostaChime Tones (1973)Horn, Percussion (One Player)Information Needed12/1/2020
Gary Powell NashBrass Magnolia Suite (1999)Trumpet, Horn, Bass Trombone and Percussion/Jazz Drum SetBuy NowListen Now11/28/2020
Gary Powell NashFive Brazilian Bagatelles (2017)Trumpet(s), Flute(s), PianoBuy NowListen Now11/28/2020
Quinn MasonDallas Arts District Fanfare (2016)Brass, PercussionBuy NowListen Now11/12/2020
Quinn MasonChanges/Transitions (2020)Brass, PercussionBuy NowListen Now11/12/2020
Quinn MasonMasonian Rondo (2013)Brass QuartetBuy NowListen Now11/12/2020
Quinn Mason3 Solitude Chorales, from Book 1 (2017)Brass QuintetBuy NowListen Now11/12/2020
Quinn MasonThere's Been a Breach (2015)Brass QuintetBuy NowListen Now11/12/2020
Quinn MasonOn Life (2018)Tuba, String QuartetBuy NowListen Now11/12/2020
Quinn MasonSonata: No Horns Barred
arr. for Trombone (2017)
Trombone, PianoBuy NowListen Now11/12/2020
Quinn MasonBrass Quintet No. 1 (2017)Brass QuintetBuy NowListen Now11/12/2020
Quinn MasonBrass Sextet (2017)Brass EnsembleBuy NowListen Now11/12/2020
Quinn MasonSolitude Chorales, Book 1 (2016-2017)Trombone QuartetBuy NowListen Now11/12/2020
Anthony BarfieldGravity (2020)Brass QuintetInformation NeededWatch Now10/11/2020
Anthony BarfieldInvictus (2020)Brass EnsembleInformation NeededWatch Now10/11/2020
George WalkerConcerto (1957)TromboneBuy NowWatch Now10/10/2020
Alonso Malik PirioNocturne in Eb (2014)Bass Trombone, PianoContact Composer10/10/2020
Adrian B. SimsTrombone Quartet No. 1Trombone QuartetBuy Now9/19/2020
Adrian B. SimsImpulsesBrass TrioBuy Now9/19/2020
Adrian B. SimsSanctuary (2020)Trombone EnsembleBuy NowListen Now9/19/2020
Adrian B. SimsFlourish for Four WindsBrass Quartet: Trombone (2), Horn, TubaBuy NowListen Now9/19/2020
Adrian B. SimsBrass Quintet No. 1 (2020)Brass QuintetBuy NowListen Now9/19/2020
Noel Da CostaSpacesTrumpet, Double BassInformation Needed9/19/2020
Noel Da CostaPassagesTrumpetInformation Needed9/19/2020
Noel Da CostaGabriel's Tune for the Last JudgmentTrumpetInformation Needed9/19/2020
Frederick C. TillisSpiritual Fantasy No. 32Trumpet, PianoBuy Now9/19/2020
Anthony R. GreenScintillation IHorn, MarimbaBuy NowWatch Now7/26/2020
Gary Powell NashPelican SuiteBrass EnsembleBuy Now6/25/2020
Gary Powell NashDeformation IVTuba, PianoBuy Now6/25/2020
Gary Powell NashStax SuiteTrumpet EnsembleBuy Now6/25/2020
Gary Powell NashSix InterlocutionsTrumpet, PercussionBuy Now6/25/2020
Gary Powell NashRomantic Prelude and ProcessionalBrass QuintetBuy Now6/25/2020
Gary Powell NashNittany PreludeTuba Euphonium EnsembleBuy Now6/19/2020
Gary Powell NashDelectable Fanfare and FlourishTuba Euphonium EnsembleBuy Now6/19/2020
Gary Powell NashHan River Fantasy SuiteHorn, PercussionBuy Now6/19/2020
Gary Powell NashImprovisationTrumpetBuy Now6/19/2020
Gary Powell NashShepherd's Song at ChristmasTrumpet, ChoirBuy Now6/19/2020
Gary Powell NashEnigmatic FanfareTrumpet QuartetBuy Now6/19/2020
Gary Powell NashProgressive Jazz SuiteBass TromboneBuy Now6/19/2020
Gary Powell NashHot Buttered OmeletteTrombone EnsembleBuy Now6/19/2020
Gary Powell NashFrom Wuteve to WoodallTrombone, Violin, PianoBuy Now6/19/2020
Gary Powell NashFour Jovial MiniaturesBrass EnsembleBuy Now6/19/2020
Gary Powell NashForever on the AltarTrombone EnsembleBuy Now6/19/2020
Gary Powell NashFanfare FroaangriblmnBrass Ensemble, PercussionBuy Now6/19/2020
Gary Powell NashFanfare and FrivolityBrass Ensemble, PercussionBuy Now6/19/2020
Gary Powell NashBlue Marlin WaltzBrass QuintetBuy Now6/19/2020
Gary Powell NashAna's Song and DanceTrombone EnsembleBuy Now6/19/2020
Alonso Malik PirioSonata for Bass Trombone and Piano (2019)Bass TromboneBuy NowWatch Now6/12/2020
Alonso Malik PirioVariations on "Summer Sun" (2015-2016)Brass QuintetBuy NowWatch Now6/12/2020
David BakerSuite for Horn and Jazz ComboHorn, Jazz ComboBuy Now6/2020
David BakerSuite for Horn and String QuintetHorn, String QuintetBuy Now6/2020
David BakerBlues OdysseyTuba EnsembleInformation Needed6/2020
David BakerConcertoTuba, OrchestraInformation Needed6/2020
David BakerPiece for Solo Tuba and Tuba QuartetTuba, Tuba QuartetBuy Now6/2020
David BakerLife CyclesTenor (Voice), Horn, String OrchestraBuy Now6/2020
David BakerConcertoTrumpet, String Orchestra, Jazz BandBuy Now6/2020
David BakerSonataTuba, String QuartetBuy Now6/2020
David BakerConcert PieceTrombone, String OrchestraBuy Now6/2020
Frederick C. TillisQuintet for BrassBrass QuintetBuy Now6/14/2020
Frederick C. TillisPassacaglia for Brass QuintetBrass QuintetBuy Now6/14/2020
Frederick C. TillisSong for Sister HokkaidoBrass Quintet, PercussionBuy Now6/14/2020
Frederick C. TillisSeton Concerto for TrumpetTrumpet, Jazz EnsembleBuy Now6/14/2020
Frederick C. TillisSpiritual Fantasy No. 5HornBuy Now6/14/2020
Frederick C. TillisAutumn Concerto for TrumpetTrumpet, Jazz EnsembleBuy Now6/14/2020
Frederick C. TillisSpiritual Fantasy No. 6Trumpet, OrchestraBuy Now6/14/2020
Frederick C. TillisMotionsTromboneBuy Now6/14/2020
Frederick C. TillisMilitant MoodBrass EnsembleBuy Now6/14/2020
Frederick C. TillisInaugural OvertureBrass Quintet, PercussionBuy Now6/14/2020
Frederick C. TillisSpiritual Fantasy No. 1TrumpetBuy Now6/14/2020
T.J. AndersonSunstar (1984)Trumpet, ElectronicsBuy NowListen Now6/13/2020
T.J. AndersonFanfare for the School Volunteers for Boston (1986)Brass EnsembleBuy Now6/13/2020
T.J. AndersonContrast for Solo Trumpet (2015)TrumpetBuy Now6/13/2020
T.J. AndersonIn Memoriam Albert Lee Murray (2014)TromboneBuy NowListen Now6/13/2020
H. Leslie AdamsGrand March (2016)TrumpetBuy Now6/11/2020
H. Leslie AdamsSonata for Horn and Piano (1961)HornBuy Now6/11/2020
H. Leslie AdamsTrombone Quartet (1975)Trombone QuartetBuy Now6/11/2020
Kenneth AmisQuo Non AscendamBrass EnsembleBuy Now6/2020
Kenneth AmisMid-Atlantic FanfareBrass EnsembleBuy Now6/2020
Kenneth AmisThe ReckoningBrass Ensemble and PercussionBuy Now6/2020
Kenneth AmisA Scent of ParadiseBrass QuintetBuy Now6/2020
Kenneth AmisQuintet No. 2 for BrassBrass QuintetBuy Now6/2020
Kenneth AmisQuintet No. 1 for BrassBrass QuintetBuy Now6/2020
Kenneth AmisFanfare of the Rising SunsBrass QuintetBuy Now6/2020
Kenneth AmisBell-Tone's RingBrass QuintetBuy Now6/2020
Kenneth AmisInflectionsTuba, FluteBuy Now6/2020
Kenneth AmisExercisesTuba, ClarinetBuy Now6/2020
Kenneth AmisConcertoTuba, PianoBuy Now6/2020
Kenneth AmisVariationsTrombone QuartetBuy Now6/2020
Kenneth AmisPreludes for French Horn, No. 1-5HornBuy Now6/2020
Kenneth AmisCohen Wing FanfareTrumpet EnsembleBuy Now6/2020
Kenneth AmisMarch of the Toy SoliderTrumpetBuy Now6/2020
Kenneth AmisTrumpeters' LullabyTrumpet EnsembleBuy Now6/2020
George WalkerMusic for Brass (Sacred and Profane) (1975)Brass QuintetBuy Now6/2020
John DuncanConcertoTrombone, OrchestraContact UMKC Libraries6/2020
John DuncanDivertimentoTrombone, String QuartetContact UMKC Libraries6/2020
John DuncanThree ProclamationsTrombone, String QuartetContact UMKC Libraries6/2020
Marcus WilcherShadesBass TromboneInformation Needed6/2020
Julius EastmanTrumpetTrumpet EnsembleContact Publisher6/2020
Julius EastmanIf You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?Chamber Ensemble with Horn (2), Trumpet (4), Trombone (2), TubaContact Publisher6/2020
George E. LewisFluxChamber Ensemble with Horn, Trumpet, TromboneInformation Needed6/2020
George E. LewisTales of the TravelerChamber Ensemble with TrumpetInformation Needed6/2020
George E. LewisAs We May FeelChamber Ensemble with Trumpet, TromboneInformation Needed6/2020
George E. LewisCalderTrombone (2), PercussionInformation Needed6/2020
George E. LewisOraculumTromboneInformation Needed6/2020
Evan WilliamsWar SongsChamber Ensemble with Trumpet, HornBuy Now6/2020
Evan WilliamsSonata for TubaTubaBuy Now6/2020
Evan WilliamsWild VelvetChamber Ensemble with Horn, TromboneBuy Now6/2020
Evan WilliamsAmber WavesTrombone, Interactive ElectronicsBuy Now6/2020
Evan WilliamsMetal WorkTrumpet, Horn, Bass TromboneBuy Now6/2020
Evan WilliamsLux AeternaBrass QuintetBuy Now6/2020
Evan WilliamsThe Quick and the DeadChamber Ensemble with Horn, Trumpet, TromboneContact Composer6/2020
Evan WilliamsLuxBrass EnsembleBuy Now6/2020
Evan WilliamsOzymandiasTrombone EnsembleBuy Now6/2020
Evan WilliamsHeavyBass Clarinet, Trombone, Viola, Electric Guitar, and PercussionBuy Now6/2020
Anthony R. GreenGlistenTuba, SuperColliderContact Composer6/2020
Anthony R. Greent(h)reesAlto Trombone, Tenor Trombone, TubaContact Composer6/2020
Jessie MontgomeryIn Color (2014)Tuba, String QuartetContact Composer6/2020
Adolphus Cunningham HailstorkSpiritualTrombone (4), Trumpet (4)Buy Now6/2020
Adolphus Cunningham HailstorkJohn Henry's Big
(Man vs. Machine)
TromboneBuy Now6/2020
Adolphus Cunningham HailstorkDuoTubaBuy Now6/2020
Adolphus Cunningham HailstorkBagatelles for BrassBrass Quartet, Trumpet (2), Trombone (2)Buy Now6/2020
Adolphus Cunningham HailstorkSpringtime for ElephantsTuba DuetBuy Now6/2020
Adolphus Cunningham HailstorkGhosts in Grey and BlueHorn, Trombone, TrumpetBuy Now6/2020
Adolphus Cunningham HailstorkTwo by TwoHorn, TromboneBuy Now6/2020
Adolphus Cunningham HailstorkVariationsTrumpetBuy Now6/2020
Adolphus Cunningham HailstorkFour Hymns Without WordsTrumpetBuy Now6/2020
Charles Lloyd, Jr.The CrucifixionTrumpetInformation Needed6/2020
Adolphus Cunningham HailstorkAmerican FanfareBrass Ensemble and PercussionBuy Now6/2020
Adolphus Cunningham HailstorkSonataTrumpetBuy Now6/2020
Ulysses Simpson KayTrombaTrumpetInformation Needed6/2020
David WilbornSan GabrielTrombone EnsembleBuy Now6/2020
David WilbornJazz TriptychBass TromboneBuy Now6/2020
David WilbornExcursionsTrombone EnsembleBuy Now6/2020
David WilbornFantasy on an Anglican HymnTrombone EnsembleBuy Now6/2020
David WilbornEight Southern Jazz DuetsTrombone DuetBuy Now6/2020
David WilbornFour Southern Jazz VignettesTrombone EnsembleBuy Now6/2020
David WilbornThe Gift of "Little G"TromboneBuy Now6/2020
David WilbornReflection and CelebrationTrombone EnsembleBuy Now6/2020
David WilbornSlideShowTrombone EnsembleBuy Now6/2020
William Grant StillRomanceTromboneBuy Now6/2020
William Grant StillFolk Suite for Brass QuintetBrass QuintetBuy Now6/2020
William Grant StillBrass Quintet Arrangements of StillBrass QuintetBuy Now6/2020
William Grant StillFanfare for the 99th Fighter Squadron Brass Ensemble and PercussionBuy Now6/2020
William Grant StillLittle Folk Suite from the Western HemisphereBrass QuintetBuy Now6/2020
William Grant StillThe Crawdad Song from Little Folk Suite #4Tuba Euphonium QuartetBuy Now6/2020
Jonathan Bailey HollandIntroitBrass QuintetBuy Now6/2020
Jonathan Bailey HollandAmerican VoicesTrombone EnsembleBuy Now6/2020
Jonathan Bailey HollandThe Flamboyant FrenchmanCornetBuy Now6/2020
Anthony BarfieldMeditations of Sound and LightTromboneBuy Now6/2020
Anthony BarfieldReflectionsTrombone EnsembleBuy Now6/2020
Anthony BarfieldRed SkyTrombone, Wind BandBuy Now6/2020
Anthony BarfieldNorth StarTrombone, Trumpet and Wind BandInformation Needed6/2020