Brass Music by Women Composers/Artists

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Composer/ArtistTitleInstrumentationPurchase LinkRecording LinkDate Added
Meredith MooreStarry SolaceHorn, PianoBuy NowWatch Now7/1/24
Meredith MooreShe Misses HimHorn (3)Buy NowWatch Now7/1/24
Meredith MooreChiptune NewsHorn (3)Buy NowWatch Now7/1/24
Meredith MooreSoft Hawai'iHorn (4)Buy NowWatch Now7/1/24
Meredith MooreRomp (2023)Horn (8)Buy NowWatch Now7/1/24
Jasmine Pigottblues & rhythm (2024)TubaBuy NowWatch Now7/1/24
Lauren BernofskyHaubrich Suite (2019)Trumpet (2), Horn (2), Trombone, TubaBuy NowListen Now6/7/24
Megumi KandaMourning Dove (2023)Trombone, PianoPurchase NowListen Now5/24/24
Elizabeth RaumVarondation for Tuba and Piano (2021)Tuba, PianoPurchase NowInformation Needed3/24/24
Elizabeth RaumVarondation for Tuba and Piano (2021)Tuba, PianoPurchase NowInformation Needed3/24/24
Elizabeth RaumScenes from the Andalusia (2018)Tuba, PianoPurchase NowListen Now3/24/24
Elizabeth RaumRomance for Tuba and Piano (2000)Tuba, PianoPurchase NowListen Now3/24/24
Elizabeth RaumTribute (2007)Tuba, PianoPurchase NowListen Now3/24/24
Elizabeth RaumT for Tuba (1991)Tuba, PianoInformation NeededListen Now3/24/24
Elizabeth RaumConcerto del Garda (1997)Tuba, OrchestraBuy NowListen Now3/24/24
Elizabeth RaumPershing (1999)Tuba, OrchestraBuy NowListen Now3/24/24
Elizabeth RaumThe Legend of Heimdall (1991)Tuba, OrchestraBuy NowListen Now3/24/24
Elizabeth RaumFaustbuch (2003)Euphonium or Tuba, Band or OrchestraBuy NowNeed Information3/24/24
Elizabeth RaumSweet Dances (2002)TubaBuy NowListen Now3/24/24
Elizabeth RaumNation (1998)Tuba, CDBuy NowListen Now3/24/24
Elizabeth RaumSecret (1998)Tuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now3/24/24
Elizabeth RaumWill There Be a Time (1997)TubaBuy NowListen Now3/24/24
Catherine McMichaelLoss (2019)Trombone, PianoBuy NowInformation Needed3/24/24
Catherine McMichaelBorealisHorn, PianoBuy NowListen Now3/24/24
Catherine McMichaelGates of Paradise, The (Le Porte del Paradiso)Brass QuintetBuy NowInformation Needed3/24/24
Catherine McMichaelMake We Merry on this FestTrumpet (4), Trombone (3), Tuba, TimpaniBuy NowInformation Needed3/24/24
Catherine McMichaelSerenade and JiveHorn, Flute, PianoBuy NowInformation Needed3/24/24
Catherine McMichaelTotem VoicesTrumpet, PianoBuy NowListen Now3/24/24
Catherine McMichaelAsteriaBrass QuintetBuy NowListen Now3/24/24
Catherine McMichaelFreundschaftenTenor Trombone (2), Bass TromboneBuy NowComing Soon3/24/24
Errollyn WallenONYX (2022)Brass QuintetInformation NeededWatch Now2/5/24
Marilyn HarrisSailor (1976)French Horn, PianoBuy NowListen Now2/5/24
Marilyn HarrisDance for Bill (1975)French Horn, PianoBuy NowListen Now2/5/24
Marilyn HarrisRomp (1976/1988)French Horn, PianoBuy NowListen Now2/5/24
Marilyn HarrisPivot Points (1986)French Horn, PianoBuy NowListen Now2/5/24
Marilyn HarrisInterludes for Trumpet & Percussion (1985)Trumpet, PercussionBuy NowListen Now2/5/24
Ruth GippsThe Riders of Rohan, Op. 69 (1987)Trombone, PianoBuy NowListen Now1/15/24
Ruth GippsSonata, Op. 80 (1995)Alto Trombone (or Horn), PianoBuy NowListen Now1/15/24
Hope SalmonsonVita in motu (2023)Euphonium, PianoBuy NowListen Now1/15/24
Cait NishimuraTundra (2020)Euphonium, PianoBuy NowListen Now1/15/24
Lauren BernofskyDona Nobis Pacem (2008)Trumpet (2)Information NeededInformation Needed12/27/23
Lauren BernofskyThe Devil's Dermish (1994)Trombone, PianoBuy NowListen Now12/27/23
Lauren BernofskyMesoamerican Suite (2015)Trumpet, Cello, and PercussionBuy NowInformation Needed12/27/23
Lauren BernofskyPassacaglia (1990)Brass Quintet or Brass EnsembleBuy NowListen Now12/27/23
Lauren BernofskyCapriccio (2020)Trumpet, PianoBuy NowInformation Needed12/27/23
Lauren BernofskyConcerto (1998, 2001)Trumpet, PianoBuy NowListen Now12/27/23
Chanell CrichlowVairo Boulevard (2023)Tuba, Loop Pedal, Produced TrackBuy NowListen Now6/6/23
Libby LarsenConcert Piece for Tuba and PianoTuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now4/17/23
Anna BaadsvikMy Swedish Heart (2018)Euphonium, PianoBuy NowInformation Needed4/17/23
Alice GomezShaman Returns (2008)Tuba, CDBuy NowListen Now4/17/23
Elizabeth RaumBallad and Burlesque (2009)Tuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now4/17/23
Bente Leiknes ThorsenLush Darkness – Glaring Light (2021)Bass TromboneBuy NowListen Now4/4/23
Gina GillieMountain AscentTrombone (8)Buy NowListen Now3/30/23
Gina GillieThree Unaccompanied Pieces for Horn (2007)HornBuy NowListen Now3/30/23
Gina GillieWhimsy (2020)Horn, Trombone, PianoBuy NowListen Now3/30/23
Gina GillieEscapade (2021)Horn, PianoBuy NowListen Now3/30/23
Gina GillieSonata (2018)Horn, PianoBuy NowListen Now3/30/23
Gina GillieReverieHorn, PianoBuy NowListen Now3/30/23
Gina GillieThe Great Migration (2012)Horn (2), PianoBuy NowListen Now3/30/23
Gina GillieTrio for Brass (2014)Trumpet, Horn, TromboneBuy NowListen Now3/30/23
Gina GillieHorn Quartet No. 1 (2015)Horn (4)Buy NowListen Now3/30/23
Andrea ClearfieldRiver MelosHorn, PianoBuy NowListen Now3/30/23
Michelle Stebleton... of Hildegaard (2021)HornBuy NowNeed Information3/30/23
Michelle StebletonLuna Boliviana (2021)HornBuy NowListen Now3/30/23
Michelle StebletonHalle Habana (2017)HornBuy NowListen Now3/30/23
Sally BeamishSt Andrew's Bones (1997)Horn, Violin, PianoBuy NowNeed Information3/26/23
Sally BeamishFanfare for Two Trumpets (1999)Trumpet (2)Buy NowNeed Information3/26/23
Sally BeamishFanfare (1999)TrumpetBuy NowListen Now3/26/23
Sally BeamishJuno (2005)Trumpet, OrganBuy NowNeed Information3/26/23
Sally BeamishConcerto for Trumpet (2003)Trumpet, OrchestraBuy NowListen Now3/26/23
Sally BeamishVariations (1999)Bass TromboneBuy NowListen Now3/26/23
Tomaso Albinoni, arr. by Madeline A. LeeConcerto in F (2018)Flugelhorn, Horn, PianoBuy NowNeed Information3/26/23
Madeline A. LeeMillennium Fanfare (2018)Horn (4)Buy NowNeed Information3/26/23
Madeline A. LeeSaudade (2018)Brass QuintetBuy NowListen Now3/26/23
Madeline A. LeeThe Other Face (2021)HornBuy NowListen Now3/26/23
Madeline A. LeeNyiri Sky (2022)Tuba Euphonium EnsembleBuy NowListen Now3/26/23
Madeline A. LeeNyiri Sky (2022)Tenor Trombone, Bass Trombone, Trombone EnsembleBuy NowListen Now3/26/23
Madeline A. LeeThe Fair HeroBrass EnsembleNeed InformationListen Now3/26/23
Madeline A. LeePut Me to Rest (2019)Tuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now3/26/23
Madeline A. LeePut Me to Rest (2019)Bass Trombone, PianoBuy NowListen Now3/26/23
Madeline A. LeeEchoes in Eternity (2021)Trombone, PianoBuy NowListen Now3/26/23
Madeline A. LeeEchoes in Eternity (2021)Trombone (8)Buy NowListen Now3/26/23
Madeline A. LeeWe Wish You A Merry Christmas (2018)Brass EnsembleBuy NowListen Now3/26/23
Madeline A. LeeMay The Road Rise (2019)Horn (8)Buy NowListen Now3/26/23
Madeline A. LeeNer TamidBrass QuintetNeed InformationListen Now3/26/23
Madeline A. LeeNot Goodbye (2019)Trumpet, Horn, PianoBuy NowListen Now3/26/23
Madeline A. LeeOh Hanukkah (2018)Horn (8)Buy NowListen Now3/26/23
Madeline A. LeeWind O'er the Highlands (2020)Euphonium, PianoBuy NowListen Now3/26/23
Madeline A. LeeWind O'er the Highlands (2020)Horn, PianoBuy NowListen Now3/26/23
Madeline A. LeeWind O'er the Highlands (2020)Trumpet, PianoBuy NowListen Now3/26/23
Madeline A. LeeLa Cathédrale (2020)Trombone (8)Buy NowListen Now3/26/23
Olga NeuwirthAddio...sognando (2009)Trumpet, TapeBuy NowListen Now3/26/23
Olga NeuwirthLaki (2006)TrumpetBuy NowListen Now3/26/23
Olga Neuwirthfumbling & tumbling (2018)TrumpetBuy NowListen Now3/26/23
Lucy PankhurstIn the Cold (2021)Flugelhorn, PianoContact ComposerListen Now2/6/23
Andrea HobsonSilver-Backed Fox (2020)Flugelhorn, PianoBuy NowListen Now2/6/23
Dorothy GatesElegy for Karyn (2021)Flugelhorn, PianoBuy NowListen Now2/6/23
Laura E MillarSehnsucht (2021)Trumpet (3)Buy NowListen Now1/3/23
Laura E MillarRequiem (2022)Flugelhorn (4)Buy NowListen Now1/3/23
Laura E MillarMeraki (2022)Trumpet, ElectronicsBuy NowListen Now1/3/23
Laura E MillarThe Long Goodbye (2022)Trumpet, Flugelhorn (3)Buy NowListen Now1/3/23
Laura E MillarThin Places (2022)Trumpet, ElectronicsBuy NowListen Now1/3/23
Jean AhnMicro-Etude (2019)TromboneBuy NowListen Now11/7/22
Tara IslasThree Miniatures for Horn & Piano (2017)Horn, PianoBuy NowListen Now9/20/22
Lauren BernofskyTwo Latin Dances (2017)Trombone, PianoBuy NowListen Now7/31/22
Ida GotkovskyLied (1983)Bass Trombone, PianoBuy NowInformation Needed7/31/22
Ida GotkovskyRomance for Trombone (1983)Trombone, PianoBuy NowListen Now7/31/22
Reena EsmailSonata for Trombone (2022)Trombone, PianoBuy NowListen Now7/31/22
Elizabeth RaumFantasy for Trombone (1985)Trombone, PianoBuy NowListen Now7/31/22
Gina GillieScenes from the Bayou (2016)Trombone, Horn, TrumpetBuy NowListen Now7/31/22
Ivette Herryman RodríguezAdagio y Danza (2021)Trombone, Horn, TrumpetBuy NowListen Now7/31/22
Dorothy GatesBetween Friends (2019)Trombone, Horn, TrumpetBuy NowListen Now7/31/22
Dorothy GatesServant of Peace (2016)Trombone, Chamber OrchestraBuy NowListen Now7/31/22
Cindy McTeeNotezart (2016)Brass Ensemble, PercussionBuy NowListen Now4/4/22
Cindy McTeeCircle V (1992)Trombone, TapeBuy NowInformation Needed4/4/22
Cindy McTeeSolstice (2007)Trombone, OrchestraBuy NowListen Now4/4/22
Cindy McTeeFanfare for Trombones (2007)Trombone (2) or Trombone EnsembleBuy NowListen Now4/4/22
Cindy McTeeFanfare for Trumpets (2004)Trumpet (2) or Trumpet EnsembleBuy NowListen Now4/4/22
Cindy McTeeImages (1987)Horn, PianoBuy NowListen Now4/4/22
Cindy McTeeCircle Music IV (1988)Horn, PianoBuy NowListen Now4/4/22
Chanell CrichlowI Can't Help Myself (2021)Tuba Euphonium QuartetBuy NowListen Now3/4/22
Chanell CrichlowI Can't Help Myself (2021)Horn QuartetBuy NowListen Now3/4/22
Chanell CrichlowMama D'LeauHorn, Trumpet, Trombone (2), Tuba, Drum SetBuy NowInformation Needed3/4/22
Victoria PolevaMusic for a Scene from "Hamlet" (1994)Trombone, Piano, Soprano, ViolinInformation NeededInformation Needed2/28/22
Victoria PolevaMystery (1998)Trombone, Piano, Bass, VibraphoneInformation NeededRecording2/28/22
Ludmila YarinaHallelujah (2005)Brass QuintetBuy NowWatch Now2/28/22
Ludmila YarinaTrombon(o)per(a)Dirk (2008)TromboneInformation NeededWatch Now2/28/22
Ludmila YarinaDisintegration (1992)TromboneInformation NeededInformation Needed2/28/22
Ludmila YarinaWaterdreams (2001)Trombone, Video, Piano, Percussion, Saxophone, PantomimeInformation NeededInformation Needed2/28/22
Ludmila YarinaXing (1998)Trombone, Bass, Piano, PercussionInformation NeededInformation Needed2/28/22
Ludmila YarinaConcerto (1989)Trombone, OrchestraInformation NeededInformation Needed2/28/22
F. Jane NaylorTo Another Time (2005)Trombone, FluteBuy NowWatch Now2/27/22
F. Jane NaylorBe Strong and Strengthened (2015)Trombone, PianoBuy NowWatch Now2/27/22
Jasmine PigottThe Imposters (2021)TubaBuy NowWatch Now2/13/22
J. Rosamond Johnson, arr. Jasmine PigottLift Everyone Voice and Sing (2020)Tuba Euphonium EnsembleBuy NowWatch Now2/13/22
Robert Nathaniel Dett, arr. Jasmine PigottIn The Bottoms (2021)Tuba Euphonium EnsembleBuy NowWatch Now2/13/22
Jasmine PigottAgainst All Odds (2021)Brass Ensemble: Trumpet (3), Horn (4), Trombone (2), Bass Trombone, Euphonium, TubaBuy NowWatch Now2/13/22
Florence Price, arr. Jasmine PigottAdoration (2020)Tuba Euphonium QuartetBuy NowWatch Now2/13/22
Nicole PiunnoThe Mountains Beckon (2019)Tuba, TrumpetBuy NowWatch Now1/14/22
Nicole PiunnoBright Shadow Fanfare (2021)Brass BandBuy NowWatch Now1/14/22
Nicole PiunnoThe Spirit Is Willing (2016)Brass BandBuy NowWatch Now1/14/22
Imogen HolstSuite: The Unfortunate Traveller (1929)Brass BandInformation NeededInformation Needed1/10/2022
Imogen HolstCoronation Country Dances (1937)Brass BandInformation NeededInformation Needed1/10/2022
Imogen HolstTheme and seven variations: The Glory of the West (1969)Brass BandInformation NeededInformation Needed1/10/2022
Imogen HolstFanfare for Thaxted (1966)Trumpet (2), Flute, BellsInformation NeededListen Now1/10/2022
Imogen HolstFanfare for the Grenadier Guards (1966)Trumpet (2), Horn, Trombone (2)Buy NowListen Now1/10/2022
Imogen HolstLeiston Suite (1967)Trumpet (2), Trombone (2)Buy NowListen Now1/10/2022
Judith WeirAirs From Another Planet (1986)Horn, Flute, Oboe, B-flat Clarinet, BassoonBuy NowListen Now1/3/2022
Judith WeirDon't Let That Horse (1990)Horn, SopranoBuy NowListen Now1/3/2022
Judith WeirPraise Him With Trumpets (2015)Trumpet (2), Choir, OrganBuy NowListen Now1/3/2022
Judith WeirNational Anthem with Leicester Fanfare (2016)Horn (4), Choir, OrganBuy NowInformation Needed1/3/2022
Judith WeirPsalm 148 (2010)Trombone, ChoirBuy NowWatch Now1/3/2022
Errollyn WallenNNENNA (2018)Horn, Clarinet, Bassoon, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double BassBuy NowWatch Now1/3/2022
Errollyn WallenAt the Ending of a Year (2005)Horn (2), PianoBuy NowInformation Needed1/3/2022
Errollyn WallenMondrian (1992)Horn, Trumpet, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet/Sax, Bassoon, Piano, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello, Double BassInformation NeededInformation Needed1/3/2022
Errollyn WallenI Hate Waiting (1991)Trumpet, Voice, Clarinet, Sax, Piano, Electric Bass/Double Bass, Percussion, TapeInformation NeededInformation Needed1/3/2022
Errollyn WallenGold Saturday (2004)Brass BandBuy NowInformation Needed1/3/2022
Errollyn WallenChrome (1997)Brass BandInformation NeededWatch Now1/3/2022
Laura KaminskyBlast (2009)HornBuy NowInformation Needed12/8/21
Laura KaminskyElegy for the Silenced Voice (1995)TrumpetBuy NowInformation Needed12/8/21
Lisa BielawaWalks of Life (2017)Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Mixed ChorusBuy NowListen Now12/8/21
Lisa BielawaMauer Broadcast (2019)Alto Saxophone, Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, SingersBuy NowInformation Needed12/8/21
Lisa BielawaFictional Migrations (2017)Horn, Flute/Piccolo, PianoBuy NowListen Now12/8/21
Lisa BielawaFictional Migrations (2019)Horn, Flute/Piccolo, StringsBuy NowInformation Needed12/8/21
Lisa BielawaSynopsis #5: He Figures Out What Clouds Mean (2008)TrumpetBuy NowListen Now12/8/21
Janet BeatThe Splendour (2008)Trumpet (3), Trombone (2), Bass Trombone, TubaBuy NowInformation Needed12/8/21
Janet BeatHarmony in Autumn (2005)Horn (4)Buy NowInformation Needed12/8/21
Janet BeatFireworks in Steel (1987)TrumpetBuy NowInformation Needed12/8/21
Nicole PiunnoSongs of a SojournerEuphonium, PianoBuy NowWatch Now10/31/21
Nicole PiunnoIn the Secret Places (2018)Trombone, Bass Trombone, PianoBuy NowWatch Now10/31/21
Nicole PiunnoSpeech of MorningTrumpet, Percussion, Spoken WordBuy NowWatch Now10/31/21
Nicole PiunnoTrumpet ConcertoTrumpet, Concert BandBuy NowWatch Now10/31/21
Nicole PiunnoThe Heavens ProclaimTrumpet EnsembleBuy NowWatch Now10/31/21
Nicole PiunnoThe Path of Most ResistanceTrumpet (4)Buy NowWatch Now10/31/21
Nicole PiunnoThree Snapshots Trumpet (3)Buy NowWatch Now10/31/21
Nicole PiunnoRuminations (2011)Trumpet (2)Buy NowWatch Now10/31/21
Nicole PiunnoMonterey LettersTrumpetBuy NowWatch Now10/31/21
Nicole PiunnoAll is WaitingTrumpetBuy NowWatch Now10/31/21
Nicole PiunnoConfinedTrumpet, PianoBuy NowWatch Now10/31/21
Nicole PiunnoRefractionsTrumpet, PianoBuy NowWatch Now10/31/21
Nicole PiunnoPoem at Cantwell CliffsTrumpet, PianoBuy NowWatch Now10/31/21
Nicole PiunnoTrumpet Sonata No. 1Trumpet, PianoBuy NowWatch Now10/31/21
Nicole PiunnoTrumpet ConcertoTrumpet, PianoBuy NowWatch Now10/31/21
Nicole PiunnoBrief TransitTrumpet, FluteBuy NowWatch Now10/31/21
Nicole PiunnoBrief TransitTrumpet, ClarinetBuy NowWatch Now10/31/21
Nicole PiunnoAll the Skies AboveTuba Euphonium EnsembleBuy NowWatch Now10/31/21
Nicole PiunnoBright Shadow Fanfare (2021)Brass BandBuy NowWatch Now10/31/21
Nicole PiunnoNight Watches (2020)Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon (2), Trumpet (2), Trombone, Bass TromboneBuy NowWatch Now10/31/21
Nicole PiunnoLook Not On Us (2011)Brass EnsembleBuy NowWatch Now10/31/21
Nicole PiunnoAll the Skies AboveTrombone EnsembleBuy NowWatch Now10/31/21
Nicole PiunnoMonterey SketchesBrass QuintetBuy NowWatch Now10/31/21
Nicole PiunnoImprovisations (2017)Trumpet Ensemble, PercussionBuy NowWatch Now10/31/21
Nicole PiunnoSojourn (2019)Trumpet EnsembleBuy NowWatch Now10/31/21
Dani HowardTrombone Concerto (2021)Trombone, OrchestraInformation NeededListen Now9/6/21
Dani HowardMomuntumsTuba, TapeBuy NowInformation Needed9/6/21
Dani HowardParallel LinesTrombone, PercussionBuy NowListen Now9/6/21
Dani HowardThe Vino Encores - Trumpet (2020)Trumpet, WineBuy NowListen Now9/6/21
Ewa Fabiańska-JelińskaKoncert (2013)Trombone, OrchestraContact ComposerInformation Needed7/12/21
Ewa Fabiańska-JelińskaConcertino (2014)Trombone, String OrchestraContact ComposerListen Now7/12/21
Ewa Fabiańska-JelińskaSuite (2018)Trombone, Concert BandContact ComposerListen Now7/12/21
Ewa Fabiańska-JelińskaSol...solo Dio! (2019)Trombone EnsembleContact ComposerListen Now7/12/21
Ewa Fabiańska-JelińskaSuite (2009)Trombone, PianoContact ComposerInformation Needed7/12/21
Ewa Fabiańska-JelińskaDell Arte (2011)Trombone QuartetContact ComposerListen Now7/12/21
Ewa Fabiańska-Jelińska'Arabeska' (2013)Trombone, Piano Contact ComposerListen Now7/12/21
Ewa Fabiańska-JelińskaGloriam Dei Cantabile (2014)Trumpet, OrganContact ComposerInformation Needed7/12/21
Ewa Fabiańska-JelińskaThree Polish Dances (2014)Brass Quintet, OrganBuy NowInformation Needed7/12/21
Ewa Fabiańska-JelińskaChorale and Toccatina (2015)Brass QuintetContact ComposerListen Now7/12/21
Ewa Fabiańska-JelińskaChorale I (2015)Trombone QuartetContact ComposerListen Now7/12/21
Ewa Fabiańska-JelińskaPrelude and Toccatina (2015)Trombone, ViolaContact ComposerListen Now7/12/21
Ewa Fabiańska-JelińskaMeditation I (2016)Trombone, Piano, Clarinet, Double BassContact ComposerListen Now7/12/21
Ewa Fabiańska-JelińskaAmnesia (2016)Trombone QuartetContact ComposerListen Now7/12/21
Ewa Fabiańska-JelińskaConcertino (2017)Brass Quintet, Percussion EnsembleContact ComposerInformation Needed7/12/21
Ewa Fabiańska-JelińskaConcertaRE (2019)Trombone Quartet, PianoContact ComposerInformation Needed7/12/21
Ewa Fabiańska-JelińskaFanfara for Trombone Octet (2020)Trombone EnsembleContact ComposerListen Now7/12/21
Ewa Fabiańska-JelińskaMiniatures Sonoristiques for Prepared Trombone (2011)TromboneBuy NowListen Now7/12/21
Ewa Fabiańska-JelińskaMeditation III for Trombone (2016)TromboneContact ComposerListen Now7/12/21
Ewa Fabiańska-JelińskaPrelude (2018)
Trumpet or FlugelhornContact ComposerInformation Needed7/12/21
Ewa Fabiańska-JelińskaMiniature (2020)
TromboneContact ComposerListen Now7/12/21
Joelle WallachLoveletter, (postmark San Jose) (2001)Euphonium, Piano (or String Orchestra)Buy NowListen Now7/11/21
Joelle WallachIn a Dark Time (The Eye Begins to See) (2005)Horn, Piano (or Chamber Orchestra)Buy NowInformation Needed7/11/21
Barbara YorkLike and April Day (2014)Brass Ensemble, Timpani, PercussionBuy NowInformation Needed7/11/21
Barbara YorkConversations (2016)Bassoon, Tuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now7/11/21
Barbara YorkSonata No. 2 (2013)Euphonium, PianoBuy NowInformation Needed7/11/21
Barbara YorkFragile Dreams (2017)Flugelhorn, Tuba, PianoBuy NowInformation Needed7/11/21
Barbara YorkSonata (2010)Trombone, PianoBuy NowInformation Needed7/11/21
Barbara YorkThree Romances for Susie (2006)Trombone, PianoBuy NowListen Now7/11/21
Barbara YorkPrayer and Confession to Santa Cecilia (2014)Tuba, PianoBuy NowInformation Needed7/11/21
Barbara YorkSnapshots (2016)Tuba, PianoBuy NowInformation Needed7/11/21
Barbara YorkDe Profundis (2017)Tuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now7/11/21
Barbara YorkPilgrimage and Reunion (2014)Tuba Euphonium QuartetBuy NowListen Now7/11/21
Dani HowardStrings (2016)Trumpet, Trombone, PercussionBuy NowListen Now6/23/21
Dani HowardFanfare (2014)Brass QuintetBuy NowListen Now6/23/21
Dani HowardFanfare (2014)Brass EnsembleBuy NowListen Now6/23/21
Dani HowardBlue Pavilion (2014)Brass QuintetBuy NowListen Now6/23/21
Barbara YorkConversations (2008)Euphonium, Saxophone, PianoBuy NowListen Now6/20/21
Barbara YorkThe PC Quartet: Traditional Values (2008)Tuba Euphonium QuartetBuy NowListen Now6/20/21
Barbara YorkSonata for Tuba "Shamanic Journey" (2007)Tuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now6/20/21
Barbara YorkNordic Suite (2012)Trombone, Tuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now6/20/21
Barbara YorkShades of Purple (2015)Tuba Euphonium EnsembleBuy NowInformation Needed6/20/21
Barbara YorkEvery Day an Alleluia (2013)Euphonium, Tuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now6/20/21
Elena SpechtRip Van Winkle: Concertino (2017)Tuba, Piano or Band or OrchestraBuy NowListen Now6/2/21
Betsy BrightWestern Suite (2020)Brass QuintetBuy NowListen Now6/1/21
Barbara YorkMemories of Things Both Lost and Found (2015)Euphonium, Horn, PianoBuy NowListen Now5/30/21
Barbara YorkDirections (2006)Tuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now5/30/21
Barbara YorkThrough The Tunnel (2009)Tuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now5/30/21
Barbara YorkAmuses-Bouches (2009)Trumpet, FluteBuy NowInformation Needed5/30/21
Barbara YorkElegy for an Angel (2006)Tuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now5/30/21
Barbara YorkArioso Gloria (2009)Tuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now5/30/21
Barbara YorkSonata No. 2 (2010)Tuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now5/30/21
Barbara YorkProphecies (2016)Tuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now5/30/21
Barbara YorkSonata (2009)Horn, PianoBuy NowListen Now5/30/21
Barbara YorkEvery Day An Alleluia (2013)Tuba, Horn, PianoBuy NowListen Now5/30/21
Barbara YorkConversations (2008)Tuba, Alto Sax, PianoBuy NowListen Now5/30/21
Barbara YorkArioso Gloria (2009)Euphonium, PianoBuy NowListen Now5/30/21
Barbara YorkConcerto (Wars and Rumors of War) (2006)Tuba, OrchestraBuy NowListen Now5/30/21
Barbara YorkArioso Gloria (2012)Horn, PianoBuy NowListen Now5/30/21
Barbara YorkDark Chocolate Suite (2014)Tuba (3), Euphonium (3)Buy NowListen Now5/30/21
Barbara YorkProphecies (2014)Euphonium, PianoBuy NowListen Now5/30/21
Barbara YorkSonata (2007)Euphonium, PianoBuy NowListen Now5/30/21
Ruth GippsA Tardiddle (1959)Horn (2)Buy NowListen Now5/30/21
Ruth GippsTriton (1970)Horn, PianoBuy NowListen Now5/30/21
Ruth GippsSonatina (1960)Horn, PianoBuy NowListen Now5/30/21
Ruth GippsConcerto (1968)Horn, OrchestraBuy NowListen Now5/30/21
Barbara YorkSea Dreams (2009)Tuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now5/28/21
Barbara YorkFour Paintings by Grant Wood (2013)Tuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now5/28/21
Barbara YorkSuite for Euphonium, Tuba, and Piano (2008)Euphonium or Horn, Tuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now5/28/21
Barbara YorkFor the Children (2017)Tuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now5/28/21
Barbara YorkA Caged Bird (2014)Trombone, PianoBuy NowListen Now5/28/21
Barbara YorkHow Beautiful (2006)Tuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now5/28/21
Barbara YorkThree Romances for Susie (2006)Tuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now5/28/21
Barbara YorkDuo Sonata (2009)Trumpet, Saxophone, PianoBuy NowListen Now5/28/21
Jennifer GlassPrelude, Waltz & Finale (1984)TubaBuy NowInformation Needed5/28/21
Jennifer GlassSonatina (1963)Tuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now5/28/21
Sanae KandaEncore SweetTubaBuy NowListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaWhenTuba Euphonium QuartetBuy NowListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaEndearment IITuba Euphonium QuartetListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae Kanda...Don't KnowTuba Euphonium QuartetListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaWe Are Here For A WhileTuba, Piano3/28/2021
Sanae KandaWalking To SchoolTuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaTriple DanceTuba, Piano3/28/2021
Sanae KandaTea Room In PasadenaTuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaTango No. 4Tuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaSunriseTuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaSpring RainTuba, Piano3/28/2021
Sanae KandaSketchTuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaMorgendämmerungTuba, Piano3/28/2021
Sanae KandaShall We Dance?Tuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaJuneTuba, PianoBuy Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaI Don't Know YetTuba, Piano3/28/2021
Sanae KandaGloriaTuba, Piano or Wind Ensemble3/28/2021
Sanae KandaFire DanceTuba, Piano or Wind Ensemble3/28/2021
Sanae KandaEastern WindTuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaContest PieceTuba, Piano3/28/2021
Sanae Kandadadadada...daTuba, Piano3/28/2021
Sanae KandaA Spring MorningTuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaAlleluiaTuba, Piano3/28/2021
Sanae KandaFive Pieces: Tango No. 5Tuba, with Brass Nonet, or Piano, or Chamber Orchestra or Wind EnsembleBuy NowListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaFive Pieces: RomanceTuba, with Brass Nonet, or Piano, or Chamber OrchestraBuy NowListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaFive Pieces: After The SnowTuba, Brass Nonet, or Piano, or Chamber OrchestraBuy NowListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaFive Pieces: River SceneTuba, Brass Nonet, or Piano, or Chamber OrchestraBuy NowListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaFive Pieces: Passing BreezeTuba, Brass Nonet, or Piano, or Chamber OrchestraListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae Kanda"A" TuneTubaBuy NowListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaCake WalkTrombone, Piano3/28/2021
Sanae KandaMorgendämmerungTrombone, Piano3/28/2021
Sanae KandaFolk TuneTrombone, Piano3/28/2021
Sanae KandaWhyEuphonium, Tuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaDistant FriendEuphonium, Tuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaGoodies For Two TubasTuba (2)Buy Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaGoodies For Two EuphoniumsEuphonium (2)Buy Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaA Gift For YouEuphonium, Piano3/28/2021
Sanae KandaAriaEuphonium, Piano3/28/2021
Sanae KandaTender RainEuphonium, Piano3/28/2021
Sanae KandaPortraitEuphonium, Piano3/28/2021
Sanae KandaOne O'ClockEuphonium, Piano3/28/2021
Sanae KandaObsessionEuphonium, Piano3/28/2021
Sanae KandaMorgendämmerungEuphonium, PianoBuy NowListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaEndearmentEuphonium, Piano3/28/2021
Sanae KandaBeautiful MindEuphonium, PianoBuy Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaTango For ThreeBrass TrioListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaWhereBrass QuintetListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaUrban DuskBrass QuintetListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaTango For ThreeBrass Quintet3/28/2021
Sanae KandaStars In A Winter SkyBrass Quintet, DrumsetListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaSky Is Blue, Life Is GoodBrass Quintet3/28/2021
Sanae KandaReminiscenceBrass Quintet3/28/2021
Sanae KandaPurple NightBrass QuintetListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaOverturetteBrass QuintetListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaOn A Beautiful Winter DayBrass QuintetListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaNight DanceBrass Quintet3/28/2021
Sanae KandaEnglish GardenBrass Quintet3/28/2021
Sanae KandaDance RenaissanceBrass Quintet3/28/2021
Sanae KandaFar AwayBrass QuintetListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaDanceBrass QuintetListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaBicycleBrass Quintet, DrumsetListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaAncient JourneyBrass QuintetListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaKarenBrass QuintetListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaAwaking From A DreamTuba Euphonium QuartetBuy NowListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaDance With MeEuphonium, PianoBuy NowListen Now3/28/2021
Sanae KandaReflectionsTuba, PianoBuy NowListen Now3/15/2021
Claude ArrieuBrass Quintet (1962)Brass QuintetInformation Needed3/6/2021
Claude ArrieuManu MilitariTrumpet, PianoBuy Now3/6/2021
Claude ArrieuLe Coeur VolantFrench Horn, PianoBuy Now3/6/2021
Claude ArrieuJour De FeteTrumpet, PianoBuy Now3/6/2021
Claude ArrieuIntermede Menetrier Six-HuitTrumpet, PianoBuy Now3/6/2021
Claude ArrieuConte D'HiverBass Trombone, PianoBuy Now3/6/2021
Claude ArrieuMouvementsTrombone, PianoBuy Now3/6/2021
Claude ArrieuConcertstuckTrumpet, PianoBuy Now3/6/2021
Claude ArrieuL'EtourdiTrumpet, PianoBuy Now3/6/2021
Claude ArrieuCapriceTrumpet, PianoBuy Now3/6/2021
Claude ArrieuReverieTrumpet, PianoBuy Now3/6/2021
Claude ArrieuConcerto (1965)Trumpet, StringsBuy Now3/6/2021
Regina Harris BaiocchiNilisikia Sauti Kubwa (I Heard A Voice) (2015)Voice, Trumpet, Percussion, PianoContact Composer1/31/2021
Regina Harris BaiocchiWild Onion Suite (2018)Voice, Flute, Violin, Trombone, Harpsichord, PercussionContact Composer1/31/2021
Regina Harris BaiocchiFriday Night (1995)Voice, Trumpet, Alto Sax, RhythmContact Composer1/31/2021
Regina Harris BaiocchiQFX (1993)Brass QuintetContact Composer1/31/2021
Regina Harris BaiocchiMiles Per Hour (1990)TrumpetContact ComposerWatch Now1/31/2021
Melinda WagnerBrass Quintet No. 1 (2000)Brass QuintetBuy NowListen Now1/26/2021
Melinda WagnerConcerto for Trombone (2006)Trombone, OrchestraBuy NowListen Now1/26/2021
Sonia Morales-MatosNostalgiaTrombone, PianoContact ComposerWatch Now1/25/2021
Violet ArcherDivertimento for Brass Quintet (1963)Brass QuintetInformation Needed1/12/2021
Violet ArcherHorn Sonata (1965)Horn, PianoInformation NeededWatch Now1/12/2021
Annette LeSiegeI Know What I Know (2005)Horn, Soprano, clarinet, Violin, Cello, PianoBuy Now1/10/2021
Annette LeSiegeGenese (1999)Horn, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, PercussionBuy Now1/10/2021
Annette LeSiegeEquilibrium (2011)Brass QuintetBuy Now1/10/2021
Annette LeSiegeConfusion Breathes (1983)Trumpet, Soprano, Viola, Percussion, PianoBuy Now1/10/2021
Annette LeSiegeCapriccio (2002)Trombone, PianoBuy Now1/10/2021
Annette LeSiegeAirs and Dances (1981)Horn, PianoBuy Now1/10/2021
Annette LeSiegeBurgundian Suite (1994)Horn, VibraphoneBuy Now1/10/2021
Annette LeSiegeHoops & Angles (2005)Horn, PercussionBuy Now1/10/2021
Annette LeSiegeImpromptu (2008)Trumpet, PianoBuy Now1/10/2021
Annette LeSiegeFive Bagatelles (2004)Trumpet, PercussionBuy Now1/10/2021
Annette LeSiegeShadow Dancer (1993)HornBuy Now1/10/2021
Esther BallouBrass Sextette with Piano Forte (1962)Horn (2), Trombone (2), Trumpet (2), PianoInformation Needed1/10/2021
Thea MusgraveJourney Into Light (2005)Horn (2), Woodwinds, StringsSee This Website12/26/2020
Thea MusgraveFanfare for a New Hall (1990)Trumpet (2)See This Website12/26/2020
Thea MusgraveFanfare (1982)Brass QuintetSee This Website12/26/2020
Thea MusgraveThe Voices of Our Ancestors (2014)Brass Quintet, Choir, OrganSee This WebsiteListen Now12/26/2020
Thea MusgraveVariations (1966)Brass BandSee This WebsiteListen Now12/26/2020
Thea MusgraveMusic for Horn and Piano (1967)Horn, PianoBuy NowListen Now12/26/2020
Thea MusgraveThe Golden Echo I (1986)Horn, ElectronicsBuy Now (Score Only)12/26/2020
Thea MusgraveThe Golden Echo II (1986)Horn Ensemble (16)See This Website12/26/2020
Thea MusgraveEchoes of Time Past (1999)Horn, Cor Anglais, OrchestraSee This WebsiteListen Now12/26/2020
Thea MusgraveTrumpet Concerto (2019)Trumpet, OrchestraSee This Website12/26/2020
Thea MusgraveConcerto for Horn (1971)Horn, OrchestraBuy NowListen Now12/26/2020
Zenobia Powell PerryPrelude (undated)Horn, PianoSee This Website12/2/2020
Zenobia Powell PerryElegy for Brass Quintet (1980)Brass QuintetSee This Website12/2/2020
Zenobia Powell PerryNight in Tawawa (1963)Trumpet, PianoSee This Website12/2/2020
Zenobia Powell PerryLatino Rhythms (1959)Trumpet (2), PianoSee This Website12/2/2020
Zenobia Powell PerryEpisodes I and II for Horn (1983)Horn, PianoInformation Needed12/1/2020
Florence Anna MaundersWhitworth Street WestBrass QuartetSee This Website11/15/2020
Florence Anna MaundersFormic Dances (2020)Trumpet, Amplified Classical GuitarContact ComposerWatch Now11/15/2020
Florence Anna MaundersWithin Reasonable Limits (2020)Tuba, EuphoniumContact Composer11/15/2020
Florence Anna MaundersPower Moves VI (2019)Trumpet, Flute, Double BassContact ComposerWatch Now11/15/2020
Florence Anna MaundersSo Many F**king AntsTrumpet (2), Trombone (2)Contact Composer11/15/2020
Florence Anna MaundersTransmission II (2020)Brass EnsembleContact Composer11/15/2020
Florence Anna MaundersTransmission I (2020)Brass EnsembleContact ComposerWatch Now11/15/2020
Erin Paton PierceConcerto for Solo Tuba and Saxophone Quartet (2010)Tuba, Saxophone QuartetBuy NowListen Now11/11/2020
Jennifer HigdonTuba SongsTuba, PianoBuy Now9/13/2020
Jennifer HigdonTrumpet SongsTrumpet, PianoBuy NowWatch Now9/13/2020
Jennifer HigdonSky RisingTrumpet EnsembleBuy Now9/13/2020
Jennifer HigdonFanfare QuintetBrass QuintetBuy NowWatch Now9/13/2020
Jennifer HigdonCrescent LineTuba, PianoBuy Now9/13/2020
Jennifer HigdonCeremoniesBrass Quintet, OrganBuy NowListen Now9/13/2020
Jennifer HigdonTrombone ConcertoTrombone, OrchestraInformation Needed9/13/2020
Jennifer HigdonTuba ConcertoTuba, OrchestraBuy NowWatch Now9/13/2020
Jennifer HigdonLow Brass ConcertoTrombone (2), Bass Trombone, Tuba, OrchestraBuy Now9/13/2020
Mary Jane LeachAriel's Song (Arrangement)Trombone EnsembleBuy Now9/6/2020
Mary Jane LeachAriadne's Lament (Arrangement)Trombone EnsembleBuy Now9/6/2020
Mary Jane LeachBare BonesBass Trombone QuartetBuy Now9/6/2020
Darleen MitchellAntiphonal DreamsEuphonium, MarimbaBuy Now8/20/2020
Darleen Mitchell...And The Whole World Was GladTuba, Soprano (voice), Flute, PianoBuy Now8/20/2020
Darleen MitchellOf Fragments, Borders, and HolarchiesTuba, Flute, PianoBuy Now8/20/2020
Darleen MitchellToussaint IITrombone, Concert BandBuy Now8/20/2020
Darleen MitchellToussaintTrombone, PianoBuy Now8/20/2020
Darleen MitchellRevelations: The Seventh TrumpetTrumpet, PianoBuy Now8/20/2020
Darleen MitchellVisions: Concerto for Tuba and Concert BandTuba, Concert BandBuy Now8/20/2020
Darleen MitchellSonareTuba, PianoBuy Now8/20/2020
Darleen MitchellTranslucent Unreality, No. 4Horn, Cello, PianoBuy Now8/20/2020
Darleen MitchellTranslucent Unreality, No. 4Horn, Cello, PianoBuy Now8/20/2020
Darleen MitchellTranslucent Unreality, No. 3Horn, Clarinet, PianoBuy Now8/20/2020
Darleen MitchellThree Medieval CarolsTuba, FluteBuy Now8/20/2020
Darleen MitchellThree Medieval CarolsHorn, TubaBuy Now8/20/2020
Darleen MitchellSonatine for Horn and PianoHorn, PianoBuy Now8/20/2020
Darleen MitchellReflections on St. John of the CrossTuba, Woodwind QuintetBuy Now8/20/2020
Darleen MitchellJourney to Yellow SpringsTuba, ChimesBuy Now8/20/2020
Darleen MitchellFive MeditationsTuba, PianoBuy Now8/20/2020
Darleen MitchellDichotic SoundsHornBuy Now8/20/2020
Darleen MitchellAnd StillHorn and OrchestraBuy Now8/20/2020
Darleen MitchellTranslucent Unreality, No. 6Horn, Piano, Glock/Wind ChimesBuy Now8/20/2020
Darleen MitchellSolar WindsBrass EnsembleBuy Now8/20/2020
Darleen MitchellPenséesBaritone (voice), Tuba, PianoBuy Now8/20/2020
Sarah Meneely-KyderTwilight:TapsSoprano, Trumpet, PianoBuy Now7/19/2020
Gina GilliePhilharmonic FanfareBrass EnsembleBuy Now6/25/2020