10 Websites of Orchestral Bass Trombone Players

Last week, I posted a resource of 10 Websites of Orchestral Principal Trombone Players. This week, I would like to highlight ten Bass Trombone players playing in full-time symphony orchestras. Growing up with a father who received his Doctorate in Bass Trombone, I have lived with the sound of the bass trombone in my mind for a long time. Many of the players listed below create the sounds I try to emulate in my playing, especially since I play the bass trombone on a regular basis. Be sure to check out their websites to stay current on their musical endeavors.

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Cheers and Bones!

1) Ben Van Dijk, Rotterdam Philharmonic

2) Randy Hawes, Detroit Symphony Orchestra

3) Denson Paul Pollard, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

4) Douglas Yeo, former Bass Trombone, Boston Symphony Orchestra

5) Charles Vernon, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

6) Gerry Pagano, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

7) Stefan Schulz, Berlin Philharmonic

8) Matthew Guilford, National Symphony Orchestra (also check out this previous post featuring his blog)

9) Brian Hecht, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

10) Geert De Vos, Belgian National Opera “La Monnaie”

Jeremy Smith

Jeremy E. Smith is the Founder and Editor of Last Row Music. He received music degrees from Grace College, Carnegie Mellon University, and The Ohio State University. Currently, Jeremy is the bass trombonist of the Mansfield Symphony Orchestra, the Huntington Symphony Orchestra, and performs throughout Ohio, where he lives with his wife and two sons. Smith is a member of the International Trombone Association and the Jazz Journalists Association.